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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Adult Coloring Book - Stress Relieving Animal Designs

Adult Coloring Book - Stress Relieving Animal Designs
I cannot say enough good things about this coloring book, This coloring book Volume 2 comes after the first which is a best seller on Amazon and provide you more of the same marvelous, imaginative, very detailed, highly decorated animal drawings that made the first a best seller.

The pictures are all centered on each page and include both just head images and full animal images. Coloring in this book does take a steady hand, will challenge your creativity and every picture will inspire you.

This book is perfect as the second book in this series, but if you still do not own the first you might want to consider buying that one first it has 40 illustrations and this one only 33.

1. 33 intricately adorned animal images printed one per page (the back of each page is blank) on light weight, bright white paper.

2. All markers and some Gel pens leak through the paper, I place a sheet of paper under the page I am coloring to prevent damage to the next image.

3. Most of the illustrations are very detailed and some are diabolically detailed plus a couple simply detailed.

4. This book is perfect for Colored pencils, Ultra fine markers, or Gel Pens.
I would definitely recommend this book if you want to get into coloring. It really does help with stress!

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