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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Live The Adventure With ABLEGRID® SJ5000 WIFI Novatek Camera

ABLEGRID® SJ5000 WIFI Novatek Camera
This camera arrived promptly after purchase, it was well packaged and exceeded my hopes. I have been trying with it in different environments.

I don't think there is much action cam as good in the market, for this cheap. The WiFi feature is excellent. I really can't think about something negative about it.

I'm very pleased with this camera. the video quality is great and the quality of both the camera and accessories is very good and the Watertight case performed really well, handy and space-saving design, small size ideal for adventure/sport/home/action/travel dv camcorder ,come with series of mounting accessories, include waterproof casing & multiple mounts.

If you're looking for cheap and decent quality action cam, this is most likely one of the best. Awesome buy.

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