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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Solo2 Wireless, Active Collection - A Mind And Ears Comfort

The Beats Solo 2 Wireless are precisely what their name implies. When the control of sound is your key to staying focused, the last Active Collection’s Beats Solo2 Wireless headphones give untethered music from your iPhone or iPod devices to fire your on-the-go lifestyle. Soak yourself in the clear, dynamic sound of the Beats Solo2 Wireless headphones, wherever you go.

Including a Bluetooth technology, the Beats Solo2 Wireless offers the freedom of movement that regular wired headphones cannot.

Like most wireless sets, they use Bluetooth streaming to help you banish one very important cable from your life.

they look just like their non-wireless brothers, the Beats Solo 2 Wireless are on-ear headphones with a more elegant, smooth design that makes right away fall in love them.

These headphones are the latest portable listening device. Enjoy your tracks with a full and responsive acoustics, giving a total listening adventure. Get closer to your sounds with the Beats Solo2 Wireless.

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