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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Spigen® [Air Vent Magnetic] Car Mount Holder - The Best For A Safe Navigation

Spigen® [Air Vent Magnetic] Car Mount Holder
I have owned many phone holders, all with different strengths and weaknesses. But this one is the best of them all. It is a magnetized holder, so my phones detach and attach easily. I was pleasantly surprised that the magnet held strong!

Now I can just plop it right there vertically above the screen in my car. From there everything is nicely visible- turn by turn directions are visible and audible.

The phone hasn't slipped off while driving and I can actually shake the phone with force and it doesn't fall from the magnet. I have to get pretty rough for it to fall off. No concern with bumpy roads here, the air vent mount fits snugly into the air vent (with the smaller clip) and shows no sign of coming loose.

There is also a thin plastic protector that keeps your phone from getting scratched. Just remember to place the metal pad in the center of your phone. This will allow the phone to stuck both in the verticle and horizontal positions. It works well in both.

I use this with both my small iPhone 5s, as well as my large Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and both work really well.

This is really great if you drive a lot and are constantly getting in and out of the car.

I immediately purchased four of these for friends and family, they securely attach to car vents and are used almost exclusively for navigation purposes.

Overall, I'd highly suggest this purchase. At $7, it's great! It's much safer when navigating from your phone, as it prevents you from staring into your lap or fiddling with your phone to see where to go next.


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