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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Going To Bed - Enjoying Bedtime Book For Children

The Going-To-Bed - Enjoying Bedtime Book For Children
"The Going to Bed" book is a hit , we truly love this book. My son seemed attracted to this book. This was one of the first books I read to him at bedtime, whether nighttime or naptime. I actually can read the book to my son with my eyes close after a couple of readings.

This book is about several different animals in different shapes and sizes getting ready for bed on a boat. They brush their teeth, exercise and put on pajamas.

The illustrations are cute and the rhyming text flows so smoothly, that makes reading so fun, easy and addicting . I'd even whisper the repetitive texts to my son's ear, which he likes so much. He gives me a rewarding giggle for that.

My son absolutely loves the pictures and he must like the sound of the words because he gets so excited by this book.

I personally like this book for reading at bedtime because of its length. sweet and to the point. And the very last page of the book "They rock and rock and rock to sleep" is perfect when to read slowly to emphasize the end of the day.

Her books are precious and very inexpensive. This is not a book you will be donating or selling at a garage sale. Your baby/child will love it!


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