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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Auto Umbrella - Your Best Companion At A Rainy Day

Auto Umbrella - Your Best Companion At A Rainy Day

This product is an auto umbrella that protects you during winter and rainy days. You can find this product on This umbrella is:

- Wind defying and has a strong solid construction.
Most umbrellas are made of just 6 ribs, as for this one we supported it with more ribs in order to stand for rough wind.

- High quality construction.
Strength, durability, and the material this umbrella is made of pongee, which is rock solid and lasts more than regular umbrellas and is much lighter than Polyester. Also, this umbrella, water repellent, so, the Fabric won't get soaked easily. With all of this, your umbrella will dry a lot faster.

- Light weighted and durability.
With rustproof, waterproof and fiberglass framework, the umbrella weighs just 1.1 pounds.

This umbrella encompasses all the satisfaction of your needs. This product is upscale and elegant, strong waterproof, windproof, compact for travel by easy carrying, sturdy, high grade, and it is tested 10,000 TIMES which guarantees durability.

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