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Sunday, August 14, 2016

OUNONA Watermelon Slicer Watermelon Corer Stainless Steel - The Best Way To Enjoy Your Watermelon

Are you looking for the appropriate tool to slice and decorate your watermelon perfectly? OUNONA watermelon slicer is the most suitable product tool to help you out to get the job done. We all get messy while cutting a watermelon into slices using a regular knife, but OUNONA watermelon slice has a special form that helps slice the watermelon into clean cut pieces of the watermelon. More than that, there a free surprise for you. Gift of dual tasks, one for carving and garnishing your fruits as you want them to be. As for the baller is used for to dig inside the melon or ice-cream, rotate it as a circle inside of the watermelon.

With OUNONA you can successfully enjoy your fruit salads or platter more deliciously in an enjoyable way. The design finish keeps you safe and out of harm’s way. It does not slip from your hands nor cause injuries. Eating watermelon becomes smooth and simple thanks to OUNONA. Save TIME, ENERGY and MONEY. Cut the watermelon in a clean neatly way.

OUNONA makes your life CLEAN, NEAT and HEALTHY!

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