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Monday, August 29, 2016

Raniaco 136 pieces Felt Pads with Sturdy Self-Stick Glue & Floor Protectors to Pad

Raniaco 136 pieces Felt Pads with Sturdy Self-Stick Glue & Floor Protectors to Pad
This great deal pack comes with an assorted size and shape guarantee the perfect performance on tables, couch, chairs, planter, desks, curio cabinets, and a range of other furniture objects. The brownish color is almost hidden when attached to the furniture and will not affect your favorite lovely furniture. You can now proudly say goodbye to the maddening scratches, scuffs and noises on the floor. This pack comes with a 136 pieces of felt pads, 64 Round 0.79 (20mm), 25 Round 1 3/8 (35 mm), 36 Square 1 1/8 (30mm), 9 square 2 3/8 (60mm), and a bonus 2 square pieces 7,5 x 7,5 (19cm x 19cm). Providing 100% client satisfaction with 30 days money back guaranteed, anything else better than this offer?

I personally haven’t seen any scratches on the floor since I started using it, great pack with excellence thickness of 0,197”, makes your furniture pushed smoothly on the floor without a single scratch. I strongly recommend this pack for anyone to have it, with 136 felt pad pieces, one may not have to buy felt pads for years. These felt pads kit would cover all of your house furniture, you will be more than happy with this product. You will find these pads quietly useful for T.V stands, indoor plants, sofa, and a variety of similar items.

These floor protectors are soft and practical for daily uses, having said that these felt pads are the solution between your chairs and your beautiful shiny floor is a true fact! I have to mention that these pads are heavy duty, they are really thick, comes with a great assorted pack. You should definitely order these with confidence!

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