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Friday, August 12, 2016

Review - Sekonda Gents Brown Dial Date Strap WR Watch 3882

Are you looking for something to buy as a gift to your friend? Lover? Family member? The Sekonda Gents Brown Dial Date Strap WR Watch 3882 is your choice. A simple classy fine finished watch of your dreams, very light and portable on the arm. A beautiful shade of brown color and the strap is comfortable. The dial is large enough and time on screen is easy to check. The strap is solid strong for durability and but it is comfy and smooth on the hand. The metal is crystal clear and shiny. As for the luminescence, it glows the whole NIGHT after an all-day exposure.

Sekonda UK’s N° one watch brand, It comes with a stylish lovely packaging in nice warm colors in case it is given as a gift. We value all your possible needs for the product, which made us think of every tiny possible thing we can add on the product from the product as a whole to the little packaging finish.

No disappointment with this product, it is guaranteed that it will serve you for years to come. A very good-looking watch with a reasonable price.

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