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Friday, August 12, 2016

Wireless IP Camera - A Full Options Camera For Your Home Security

A camera with many features comes to solve your problems. If you are tired of old cameras and not satisfied, we provide you with a more developed camera. It is unlike old ones; it gives you more security even though you are not at your home. Amazing value, great work. With your iphone, you can control the camera and see anyone entering your home while you are away from your house. It has motion sensors that take snap shots and store them in your phone. It is a wonderful invention.
The camera got Dual-HD. This security camera has 1.3MP 1280x960P video quality; the picture quality is quite good at SD, but even better at HD. The video quality is very good. The camera looks through a view of 360 degrees which gets good coverage.

The features of the camera are:  FTV, Alarm, night vision, microphone, speaker and many more. It has a lot of features that other security cameras don’t have. It is a great quality camera for a reasonable price and with amazing features. For more security, we recommend you to have our ideal camera.

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