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Friday, August 12, 2016

ECCO Men's New World Class Golf Shoe

This new ECCO model of Men’s golf shoe is one of the insanely luxurious looking I’ve ever seen! Extremely cozy leather shoe and the second skin full leather makes it soft around the ankle. Heel measures approximately 1.5”. I ordered the brownish ones; they seem very classy like they are made of wood.  What makes these golf shoes unique is the removable inset sole for extra size.

You should definitely get one of these; I highly recommend buying them, especially if you are the type who enjoys walking more than riding. It’s a high-priced item I wouldn’t deny that but the quality of it worth every single dollar, unlike low-quality Chinese shoes. Likewise, fast delivery more than expected. Unfortunately, this item is not available yet for international shipping.

If you enjoy playing golf, then ECCO Men’s New World Class Golf shoe is the wise choice for you. Make your life sophisticated with this golf shoe.

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