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Saturday, August 20, 2016

SKLW Pro Mini Basketball Hoop For Your Own Entertainment

SKLW Pro Mini Basketball Hoop For Your Own Entertainment
This item includes 5-inch diameter Pro mini Hoop basketball and 90-day guarantee. Nice and easy to assemble frame stands above any door or mounts on the wall. 18x12-inch clear unbreakable polycarbonate backboard, Pro-grade, and Breakaway Steel Rim for real slum dunks. This basketball hoop is worthy for you with keeping your wallet in mind too. The rim is pretty durable and fun, great for daytime and routine breaking. This one is well fabricated and hangs on doors suitably.

This product was much better than I was expecting. The backboard itself is sturdy so you can actually dunk on it. I have it hung in my office, very practical to break routines. My basketball loop has swallowed over 6000 shots and it looks just the same when I first bought it. You will love the sound of it when it bounces; however, the glow is fair enough to play in complete darkness. Keeps you entertained and it fits over any door easily.

I personally love this item. Every time I go to my office, I challenge my colleagues during lunch break.  The basketball fantasy is always present with SKLW Pro mini.

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