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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Perfect OxGord Baby Back Seat Mirror by OxGord

Perfect OxGord Baby Back Seat Mirror by OxGord
OxGord Baby Back Seat Mirror is the best mirror on the market. It is very large and has a wide angle. It is pretty steady while you are driving and not shaking. Our product allows you to have  a watchful eye on your little babies, giving you confidence that they are safe and secure in their car seat or baby carrier anywhere you go. This mirror has a nice size. It is so clear and it is easy to install and you will have no problems seeing your baby in the car. The mirror is very high quality. It is a wonderful product that it makes you be comfortable concerning you baby when you are driving. You can attach the rear facing mirror to the headrest of your backseat and adjust the straps to fit well according to your angle of viewing. This back seat mirror can be removed easily and quickly.

OxGord offers you a very interesting baby mirror for cars, trucks, SUV’S, and Vans. This high quality and wide angle baby mirror is constructed of safe shatterproof acrylic. It provides you with a full unobstructed view of your baby while you drive. The mirror features a 365 degree rotating arm which is great, so you can position it wherever you need it to be to see safely. There are adjustable straps that clip easily to the back seat's headrest. The product is safe because the mirror is made of lightweight shatterproof acrylic. It tilts in all directions which permits you to adjust it to your preference. Also, the dimensions of this product are 9.8 x 8.1 x 3.1 inches and its price is affordable. It costs only $14.95.

I highly recommend you to buy it because it offers 100% guarantee so you can buy with confidence.


  1. I like the wide angle feature of the OxGord. It is nice that it fits right in the car so you can use your geolocation software without any distraction. Thanks for sharing this awesome product with us.