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Friday, September 2, 2016

Review of the Best Wireless Wi-Fi Modem Router by TP-Link

This router is simple, quiet, and easy to maneuver. I moved into my college apartment while ago, this router came very useful and fast when I’m using my smartphone, tablet, laptop, and online gaming on my Ps3. I haven’t had any issues with this product, very simple to install and the package everything you’d need. This router is super fast with downloads; it takes only 15 minutes maximum to download a file with 800mb. I would friendly advise you to buy this one, very strong Wi-Fi signal. It has been two months since I’ve bought this router, I have no complaints towards it, I enjoy now streaming HD movies without any stupid buffering.

This product is well designed, comes with high speed wired connections, and a USB port makes it easy to connect an external drive to the router for sharing media files through your network. You can create fast, dependable connections with your TP-Link high-performance router using 4GB Ethernet ports. Very smooth and easy to set up, you can just follow the simple instructions on the provided manual or you can watch some online instructions. Furthermore, this router is up to 300Mbps Wi-Fi on 2,4Ghz, 8x4 Channel bonding, and cable labs- certified DOCSIS 3.0.

Save yourself monthly rental fees and enjoy this reliable Wi-Fi router in your house with the TC-W7960 by TP-Link. Sit back, relax, and watch thousands of streaming videos, downloads, online video gaming without slowing down your network. Tp-link works hard every day just to provide high quality and new technology beneath your feet.

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